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Client 6


Trumpet virtuoso

"Woody is a fabulous player and it’s easy to work with him. We’ve played many concerts together and I really value his support, especially when the pressure is on!”

Client 5


Review: Eloise Barker on All the Angels: Handel and the First Messiah, Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, London 2016

'Nick Drake's knowing and affectionate depiction of the composer's struggle to stage his oratorio Messiah... a small, versatile cast and eight deft singers from The Sixteen... And the music - the music is wonderful... richer than ever, and there is thrilling work from the handful of instrumentalists directed from the harpsichord by Michael Haslam, right through to the free-range, valveless trumpet of Adrian Woodward.'  

Client 4


Review: Rick Jones on Sound the Trumpet, The Bach Players, London 2017

'The triumphant blaze of Brandenburg Concerto no.2 opened the concert. Adrian Woodward achieved a roar of approval for his mastery of the valveless natural trumpet, little more than a brass tube with holes. Technology has eased the effort of brass playing over the centuries but Woodward’s gentle brilliance, squeeking trills and steady runs had the original raw appeal of a dangerous high-wire circus act.'

Client 1


Artistic Director, Gabrieli

"I've worked with Woody/Adrian for more than 20 years and am always amazed at his musicmaking on cornett and all sorts of trumpets. I'm sure there's loads of interest here for everyone."

Client 7


British director, composer, playwright.

"I have had the good fortune to work with Adrian Woodward for 20 years. Adrian has always been the most dedicated and beneficent musician. The range of instruments that he plays - from early trumpets, cornettos, rauschpfeifes, to jazz trumpet, bagpipes, percussion - is endless; and what is more, he plays them all to a standard of absolute excellence. As an M.D. he directs his fellow musicians with clarity and with a most empathetic quality. I have lost count of the amount of shows in which he has helmed the interpretation of my music. As well as being a prodigious talent, he is kind and conscientious, whether performing live, or teaching or demonstrating early instruments in a scholastic seminar."

Client 8


British theatre director, writer, film & theatre producer. Artistic Director of Shakespeare's Globe 2005-2016

"Woody is a consummate musician, and as an M.D. he combines rigour and finesse with the happy ability to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere. His work is great, and he is always a delight to work with."

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